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Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision and how liberals are mentally deranged in their thinking capacity.

I’m kind of hungry for lunch, but my employer doesn’t buy my lunch for me. My employer instead pays me my wage for my work to buy food. Which means I’m going to starve.

An employer gives money to its employees for the work they do. Those employees can then spend that money on the things they want and need, in this case, (if you happen to be a slut and a semen ashtray,) for the purposes of this example,   contraceptives, condoms, etc. for birth control. These employees’ access to birth control has not been denied in any way. On the contrary, being the slut they are, they can freely buy as much of it as they can afford, if they so choose. Its not anyones responsibility to supply (sluts) with their materials of choice.  Oh, remember the word “choice” that you spew out so often, bunch of fricken sluts!

Access not denied. At all. You just want someone else to buy it for your slutty rendezvous.

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