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Dorr library board may have broken state law by paying its board members

Click HERE to read the Mlive news on this story.

The article is very confusing because they are comparing apples to oranges.  DISTRICT libraries operate under a completely different set of laws, which gives them different authories, so that is irrelevant to the issue.

Township libraries operate under Library Act 164 which says that those who serve on Township library boards, serve with NO COMPENSATION (which Dorr Township Library is) 

(Hopkins DISTRICT, Wayland DISTRICT, and Kent DISTRICT Libraries are DISTRICT Libraries, so that is irrelevant to this issue)  Apples to Oranges comparison.

The media puts this crap in their articles to confuse the people on the true issues.  Most people do not catch their tactics, unless you’re well informed on the various laws and acts set by the State Legislature.  So keep that in mind when you read this article, because the media many times tries to justify wrongdoing by elected officials to stay in good standing, which is shameful, because that is why the founding fathers set up the constitution with “the freedom of the press” to keep an eye on government.

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