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Campaign finance laws! Don’t break the law if you’re running for office.

I don’t want to break the law, what is not allowed?
There are things that are prohibited in Michigan campaigns.

• Contributions over $20 in cash are prohibited and must be made on a written instrument such as check, money order, credit card, etc.
• Contributions made in excess of the “contribution limit” are prohibited.
• Anonymous contributions in any amount are prohibited. The name and address of the contributor must be provided to the committee.
• The individual making the contribution must be identified. Making contributions in the name of another person is prohibited.
• Making a contribution with the agreement or arrangement that the receiving committee will transfer the contribution to a particular Candidate Committee is prohibited. The individual making the contribution must be identified.
• Corporate contributions are prohibited as a contribution to committees with the exception of Super PACs and Ballot Question Committees.

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